Want to know why we are so special?

Our Team

Our team is made up of experienced chefs who come together to ensure our patrons get the very best quality dining experience. This amount of experience has seen us maintain a level of consistency that has helped us become a brand known to provide delicious Japanese dishes in the most conducive environment possible.

Our Chef

Our team is led by Chef Jason Tong. With talents honed over the years as the Executive Chef, he has a demanding standard to make every item that comes out of the kitchen not only pleasing to the eye, but also to the palate. He and our hardworking team strive to serve our guests some of the most traditional Japanese dishes with a modern twist.

Captivating Atmosphere

At Maki Hibachi, we believe a restaurant shouldn’t just be about eating. It should be about feeling relaxed, networking and enjoying the best dish possible.

Our well-structured restaurant is just the perfect place for these. Our restaurant assures a captivating atmosphere, coming with the most relaxing environment to make a perfect place to socialize and have a pleasant evening to a high standard.

Our Dishes

We deliver the most versatile, high-quality dining experience you can find around. From hibachi to sushi, our professional team provides you a memorable experience of tasty, healthy meals. There is no better feeling!

Our finest seafood is imported directly from Japan and uses high-quality produce from local farms on a weekly basis. This helps to ensure that you enjoy a fresh and healthy food at all times. We believe that the key to a good dish includes unique flavours, exciting textures and artistic presentation. Hence, our chefs serve you unique presentations of dishes, making sure you enjoy this nutritious meal with an artistic touch.

Maki Hibachi provides professional, classy and healthy dining experience, giving you that perfect environment to enjoy your meal while you relax and socialize.

Now, let’s get you that yummy meal!